Summer Goalie School Skating

Goalies Under Review Presents:

Summer Goalie School

School starts Tuesday June 21. Ends Mid/Late August

@Toyota Sports Center


Skating Program (40 minute session): All Ages Welcome!  

Each week will showcase new Skills/Drills in 3 categories: Technique, Game Situation and Fun/ Games.

Drop-in Fee $30


Off Ice Program (40 minute session): Ages 10 & UP.

Each week will feature different Core/Leg Workouts and Vision/Reaction training drills.

Drop-in Fee $30


Once-a-week Package: $200 4 Skating & 4 Off Ice sessions

Twice-a-week Package: $360 8 Skating & 8 Off Ice sessions

Flexible Schedule. No reservation needed for any session of the week.

Schedule subject to change/cancellation based on ice availability at TSC.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
2:15 Skating3:10 Off Ice 2:15 Skating3:10 Off Ice 2:15 Skating3:10 Off Ice 3:15 Skating (June Only)4:10 Off Ice 2:15 Skating3:10 Off Ice


Referral Program: Refer a friend and get a session free.

Valid only for Skating & Off Ice Program. Referral must be first time student.

*Skating program requires $10 ice pass from front desk.

**Students must be well behaved. Disruption of class will result in 1 warning. 2nd time they will be asked to leave.

Private Lessons: Limited space(AM and PM). Availability will be released soon.

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