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Is Your Goalie…

  • • Playing too deep?
  • • Going down on every shot?
  • • Slowly reacting to passing plays?
  • • Giving up the same goal every week?

You tried telling your goalie. Let me show your goalie…

3 Step Game Video Review…

  1. FILM GAME… Best position is similar to NHL broadcast.
  2. SEND GAME… So I can breakdown your game.
  3. REVIEW GAME… Review edited version with coaching tips.

Video Review


  • $75 Video Review Includes:
  • • Edited Game Film
  • • Every Shot Reviewed
  • • Audio & Visual Coaching Tips
  • • Game Stats & Goals Against Report

Goals Against 1 Chart
Goals Against 2 Chart
Game Stats & GA Report

Advanced Stats & Video Review

  • $125 Stats & Video Includes:
  • • Edited Game Film
  • • Audio & Visual Coaching Tips
  • • Every Shot Reviewed & Tracked
  • • Advanced Stats Chart & Goals Against Report

Goals Against 1 Chart
Goals Against 2 Chart
Goals Against 3 Chart
Goals Against 4 Chart

Game Stats, GA Report, & Advanced Stats


WHY Game Film Review?

The Game Film Never Lies

Game film review is the answer to of all your problems. I, Tommy Tartaglione, personally review all hockey game film of your goalie. Every shot will be reviewed and goalie coaching tips as needed. Even one game review can change a goalie forever. One error corrected or left alone, could be the difference between a win or a loss.

Highlight Reel/Scouting Video

Having multiple games reviewed allows the goals against to be tracked and analyzed. Your goals against report will show patterns or trends that can be corrected and eliminated. Every game film review comes with an up to date game stats and goals against report (and Save Analytics if purchased) for the season. With enough game film reviewed, I can create a highlight reel or scouting video. Game film review will take your game to the next level.

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